As seasoned travelers who cherish both comfort and functionality in our attire, we know the importance of having the right outfit for our adventures. Capris are an essential part of our travel wardrobes, offering versatility and style whether we're exploring city streets or relaxing at a seaside café.

Fresh Produce has become a trusted name for us, thanks to their thoughtfully designed capris that cater to our needs as mature women. Here are three of their best capris, especially suitable for travel, and yes—they have pockets!

PS. We make the best plus size capris as well. 

1. Cargo Style Capris: Safari Pocket Capris

Practical and Stylish for Any Journey: The Safari Capris are ideal for travel, thanks to their practical design and essential pockets. The cargo-style pockets are perfect for keeping important items like passports and tickets within easy reach, while the comfortable mid-rise fit and slight taper of the leg offer a flattering look. Made from durable fabric, these capris are ready for any adventure you have planned.

2. Most Comfortable Travel Capris: Jersey Capris

Ultimate Comfort on the Go: For those long flights or road trips, the Jersey Capris are a must-have. The soft, stretchable jersey fabric allows for unrestricted movement, making them perfect for long periods of sitting or walking. While they prioritize comfort, they also feature pockets for practicality, ensuring that your essentials are always close at hand.

3. Fancier Travel Capris: Topstitch Sheeting Capris

Lightweight and Elegant for Travel: When your travels include warmer climates or require a touch of elegance, the Topstitch Sheeting Capris are the answer. These capris are not only lightweight and breathable but also feature beautifully crafted topstitching details, adding an element of sophistication. The pockets are subtly integrated, maintaining the sleek look while still being functional for storing small items crucial for travel.

4. Colorful Capris: Key Largo Capris

Versatile and Vibrant for Every Destination: The Key Largo Capris stand out with their vibrant colors and versatile design, making them a fantastic choice for those who want to add a splash of color to their travel wardrobe. These colorful capris feature a comfortable elastic waistband and spacious front pockets, ideal for keeping essentials handy while on the move. The breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable, whether you're sightseeing or enjoying a sunset cruise.

When it comes to selecting the best travel capris, we look for style, comfort, and functionality. These capris deliver on all fronts with options that are perfect for keeping us comfortable and stylish on the go. Whether you're in need of practical cargo pockets, soft stretchable comfort, elegant lightweight options, or vibrant versatility, Fresh Produce has capris that will enhance your travel experience. Here's to our next adventure, dressed perfectly for every occasion!

May 07, 2024 — Fresh Produce